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The General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of one representative of each partner. The General Assembly elects a chairperson and a deputy from among its members. The term of office of the chairperson and the deputy is limited to two years. They can be re-elected after this period of office. The first term of office begins with the first General Assembly and ends after 2 years. Upon acceptance of office, the chairperson and the deputy can no longer represent the partner to whom they belong. The partners concerned appoint new representatives and the chairperson and the deputy have no voting rights. The General Assembly sends its chairperson and vice-chairperson to the Steering Committee. The inaugural meeting shall be convened by the Management Representative, all subsequent meetings are to be convened by the Chairperson of the General Assembly after consultation with the Chairperson of the Management. The General Assembly is open to the public.

1st General Assembly of the Austrian EOSC Mandated Organisation. 

13 October 2021. Photo Paolo Budroni.


The General Assembly (GA) acts as the representative body and as the final body responsible for decision-making.