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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of one delegated representative per full partner. There are three representatives of the Synergy Team, the Chairperson of the Management as a co-opted member without voting rights, the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson of the General Assembly, as well as the Coordinator of the EOSC Café (advisory function without voting rights). The Steering Committee is convened by the Chairperson of the Management and elects a spokesperson and a deputy spokesperson. If a partner sends more than one representative to the Steering Committee, this partner is still only represented with one vote. The EOSC Café coordinator has an advisory role and therefore does not have voting rights.


Coordinators: Katrin Vohland (NHMW), Claudia von der Linden (TU Graz)

Members: Josef Eberhardsteiner (TU Wien), Claudia von der Linden (TU Graz), Christopher Lindinger (JKU), Ronald Maier (University of Vienna), Katrin Vohland (NHMW)


The Steering Committee gives impulses for the basic orientation of the joint initiative on the basis of the decisions of the General Assembly. It comments on, reviews and recommends the drafts submitted to it by the Synergy Team or the Management.