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Consultation for Multi-Annual Roadmap 2025-27

opens to EOSC-A members and observers 8 March

Source: EOSC Association

The EOSC Association Board of Directors, in collaboration with the 13 EOSC-A Task Forces, has developed a draft Multi-Annual Roadmap (MAR) for the 2025-27 period. A four-week consultation to gather community views on the priorities and outcomes proposed opened on Wednesday, 8 March, for EOSC-A members and observers, and will run through 7 April 2023.

The MAR is part of the EOSC Partnership’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), which defines the general framework for future research, development and innovation activities in relation to the development and deployment of EOSC. In advance of completing the survey, we recommend attending one of the two webinars that will serve to update EOSC-A members and observers on the process of developing the MAR 2025-27. 

Please register for the webinar on one of the following dates and times:

  • 17 March, 12-13 CET
  • 24 March, 12-13 CET