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Webinar on development of skills for EOSC and Open Science – in cooperation with Open Science Austria (OSA)

@Juliana Giroletti and Paolo Budroni, TU Wien

On 5 June, a roundtable was held to discuss the relevance and benefits of Open Science in the context of building the EOSC.

The webinar was aimed at researchers and research support units at all levels, staff in research service institutions and libraries, and data managers. The event was opened by Vice Rector Johannes Fröhlich, TU Wien, and member of the Open Science Austria (OSA) Steering Board. VR Fröhlich explained to the audience (53 participants) the relevance of Open Science activities and emphasised the necessity of implementing joint concepts at national level.

Lola Karner, Open Science Austria (OSA) Officer at the Austrian Conference of Universities, gave a short presentation on Open Science Austria, its foundation, goals and activities carried out, and then handed over to the moderator of the webinar, Paolo Budroni, representing the Austrian EOSC Mandated Organisation.

The lecture series was opened by Birgit Wassermann, postdoctoral researcher at TU Graz, Institute of Environmental Biotechnology. In her talk on Microbiome Research and the Importance of Open Science, she spoke about the relevance of adopting open science practices and how researchers and the scientific community can benefit from this practice.

Barbara Sánchez, coordinator of the SOA WG Austrian Country Profile and PI at TU Wien for the EOSC Focus project, presented both “EOSC in a nutshell” and “EOSC in Austria” and gave the participants a comprehensive overview of EOSC and the contribution to the EOSC building process at national level. The next speaker was Sara Di Giorgio, GARR (Italian NREN), project coordinator of the Skills4EOSC project. She briefly presented the project, its objectives and possible benefits for the research communities and focused on how the Skills4EOSC project could be embedded in the ongoing Open Science activities in Austria. The following presentation by Alicia Fátima Gómez, member of WP4 Curricula and learning paths for OS ready institutions, Skills4EOSC project, focused on the relevance and need for skills to implement Open Science and concluded the series of presentations.

We thank all participants who attended the event.

The presentations can be found on this page .

Presented by Birgit Wassermann, TU Graz

Presented by Barbara Sánchez, Coordinator of EOSC Support Office Austria Working Group Austrian Country Profile

Presented by Sara Di Giorgio, GARR, Skills4EOSC Project Coordinator

Presented by Alicia Fátima Gómez, TU Wien and member Skills4EOSC project