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The GoTriple platform – discover the social sciences and humanities like never before

CC BY 4.0 International, by Open Knowledge Maps

We are proud to present the GoTriple platform. A result of the TRIPLE project, the GoTriple platform is a free and open discovery solution for the social sciences and humanities (SSH). It provides an innovative way to explore and engage with research in multiple languages across a wide array of disciplines.

In 2019, together with a consortium coordinated by Huma-Num (CNRS), Open Knowledge Maps embarked on the journey of creating this leading-edge discovery platform as a core service of OPERAS and the EOSC. The consortium consisted of 22 partners hailing from 15 EU countries, each bringing a unique perspective to the project. With the Know-Center, the consortium included a second key partner from Austria.

GoTriple enables the discovery of publications, profiles and research projects via a search engine that is enhanced by a fleet of innovative services. Open Knowledge Maps has been involved in many different aspects of GoTriple, from metadata to platform design and development, training, funding and dissemination. Our main contribution comes in the form of a visual discovery system that complements the list-based interface of the platform.

Follow the link to see how Open Knowledge Maps helped transform the TRIPLE project into the GoTriple platform: https://openknowledgemaps.org/news/2023/05/03/gotriple-platform