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UNESCO Working Group on Open Science Capacity Building


UNESCO has set up five working groups, each targeting key impact areas crucial for implementing the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science (OS) adopted on 23 November 2021. While the Recommendation affirmed the importance of open science as a vital tool to improve the quality and accessibility of both scientific outputs and scientific process, these working groups brought together experts and open science entities from various fields and domains to address distinct yet interconnected topics and challenges essential to the implementation of the Recommendation.

The meeting series started on April 4, 2024 with the meeting of the Working Group on Open Science Capacity Building. In line with the UNESCO Recommendation, this group has presented an outline of a structured approach for identifying and organizing OS competencies.

This framework, anchored by core values of integrity and inclusiveness, incorporated insights from established resources, such as those outlined in NASA’s Open Science Curriculum. It categorized necessary skills into core, technical, and leadership competencies, each tailored to fit different roles within the open science ecosystem. The framework is focused on obtaining necessary open science skills and knowledge, including policy understanding and developing engagement skills.

The discussions during the meeting were vibrant and highlighted several pressing challenges, including the integration of open science principles into educational curricula and the scarcity of trained educators. Another significant point of discussion was the impact of artificial intelligence on open science practices.

The meeting wrapped up with a stated commitment on the importance of enhancing open science skills to nurture a culture of openness and collaborative engagement in scientific research worldwide.

The next Working Group meeting will take place on 17 April 2024: Monitoring Framework: Draft Principles. You can register easily using the links provided below.

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