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UNESCO Working Group on Open Science Infrastructures


UNESCO has set up five working groups, each targeting key impact areas crucial for implementing the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science (OS) adopted on 23 November 2021. While the Recommendation affirmed the importance of Open Science as a vital tool to improve the quality and accessibility of both scientific outputs and scientific processes, these working groups brought together experts and Open Science entities from various fields and domains to address distinct yet interconnected topics and challenges essential to the implementation of the Recommendation.

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The UNESCO Working Group on Open Science Infrastructures hosted an insightful event on June 3, focusing on the intersection of Open Science (OS) and artificial intelligence (AI). The session featured presentations and discussions by leading experts in the field, offering a deep dive into the evolving landscape of scientific research in the age of AI.

A report from The Royal Society, UK, highlighted the critical role of AI technologies in shaping future research practices and policies. Based on interviews with over 30 researchers, as well as insights from workshops and roundtables, the report proposed four main recommendations, which you can read in detail at this link.

Another presentation provided insights from an exploratory analysis on the challenges and opportunities presented by generative AI, with the preprint available for further reading.

The session included a lively moderated discussion about the implications of AI on Open Science, addressing both potential benefits and challenges ahead. The importance of continued collaboration and innovation was emphasized to fully harness the potential of AI in scientific research. The event concluded on an optimistic note, with a call to action for stakeholders to contribute to the evolving discourse and transformative impact of AI on scientific research, underscoring the significance of maintaining an open, collaborative approach.

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