Austria Country Report

This Working Group monitors the EOSC building processes in Austria, i.e. open science and FAIR regular policies, projects, activities as well as RDM infrastructures.

If you would like to inform the Working Group of an open science activity that is not reflected in the report, please send a message to the coordinator Barbara Sánchez:


  • Regular monitoring of EOSC building processes in Austria
  • Quarterly update of report and publication in Zenodo Community EOSC Austria
  • Share findings with representatives at decision making level, for reporting inquiries and alignment
  • Update of of website (section about Austria)


Activities are ongoing


Coordinator: Barbara Sánchez Solís (TU Wien)

Members: Meghan Bohardt (University of Vienna), Paolo Budroni (TU Wien), Beate Guba (TU Wien), Stefan Hanslik (BMWFW), Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi (TU Graz), Lisa Hönegger (University of Vienna), Christian Panigl (University of Vienna), Katharina Rieck (FWF), Chris Schubert (TU Wien), Katrin Vohland (NHMW)