Become a Partner
of the EOSC Austrian Initiative

What are the conditions and membership fees of a membership of the Austrian initiative?
  • The membership of the Austrian initiative is free of charge
  • All partners (members) of the Austrian initiative sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
    • The partners are divided into ordinary and extraordinary partners.
    • Regular partners are members and observers of the EOSC Association AISBL. It is thus possible to become an observing member of the Austrian initiative.
    • Associate partners are all institutions and initiatives participating in the joint initiative without being a member or observer.
  • In case you want to join the initiative, please contact us.
Benefits of an EOSC SOA Membership

The EOSC is here to stay – so make sure you have your say!

    • EOSC consolidates Research Data Management (RDM) measures such as data stewardship and compliance with the FAIR principles – the EOSC Support Office Austria (SOA) fosters cooperation and implementation
    • Actively contribute to shaping the EOSC instead of being presented with a final product
    • Get access to an extended network and maintain regular contact with SOA partners to collaborate on project calls and acquire third party funding for your institution
    • Benefit from shared services
    • Join forces in developing and expanding research infrastructures and align strategies
    • Get first-hand and up-to-date information concerning Open Science activities from the SOA as the central information hub in Austria
Learn more about the next steps to become an EOSC SOA member

A workflow chart has been prepared with all the detailed information on the steps to becoming an EOSC SOA member. 

You have just become a member of EOSC SOA: learn more about the next steps.

A workflow chart has been prepared with all the next steps to welcome you on board and facilitate your engagement in the initiative. Be welcome!

In case you want to join the initiative, please contact us.


As the Austrian EOSC initiative, EOSC Support Office Austria aims to make a coordinated, Austrian contribution to the implementation of EOSC and develop the EOSC Strategic Agenda Austria. To represent the voice of the Austrian community, EOSC Support Office Austria invites all Austrian institutions and initiatives to join the initiative. We hope to keep growing and welcome more new members in the future!

The EOSC Support Office Austria (operating body) currently consist of 7 Ordinary partners, 7 Extraordinary partners and the Austrian EOSC Mandated Organisation.

Austrian EOSC
Mandated Organisation

The ACONET Association, founded in 1986, promotes the Austrian scientific network ACOnet, which is the shared high-performance network for non-profit organisations in the realms of science, research, education and culture. ACONET is the Mandated Organisation to formally represent Austria in the EOSC Association.