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Advancing Data Exchange Innovations in FAIR Data Spaces | Second Open Call


Overview: The FAIR Data Spaces project, coordinated by Fraunhofer, is at the forefront of integrating services from Gaia-X, International Data Spaces (IDS), the German National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI), and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The project has already launched several demonstrators (see Technical Foundations), showcasing its practical applications in areas such as biodiversity, research […]

Your Work | Your Choice. Open Research an der UdK Berlin am Beispiel des Forschungsdatenmanagements


Die Universität der Künste Berlin betrachtet Open Research und damit auch Forschungsdatenmanagement immer im Kontext von Kunst und Wissenschaft. Die damit verfolgte offene Zugänglichkeit, Nachvollziehbarkeit und – wo möglich – Nachnutzbarkeit künstlerischer wie wissenschaftlicher Prozesse ist ein Zusammenspiel diverser Aspekte, die noch dazu zahlreichen rechtlichen wie technischen Fragen unterliegen. Zudem sind an der UdK Berlin […]

The WorldFAIR Webinar Series: Guidelines and Recommendations from the Case Study on Population Health


The Implementation Network for Sharing Population Information from Research Entities (INSPIRE) project is assembling technologies and standards in support of a data hub that facilitates federated and/or shared research capable of interoperating across often-neglected low-resource settings: it aims to provide a platform-as-a-service, which can make data of disparate types available to many different styles of […]

The research data insider: Introducing the GORC model


The Global Open Research Commons International (GORC) model describes how the research infrastructure ecology is moving towards providing shared virtual spaces or platforms, presenting the researchers with a marketplace of and for data and services. But what is the GORC Model actually? And how does this approach apply to and affect the development of research […]

FAIR-IMPACT’s virtual clinic for potential applicants to the 2nd open call for repository support programme


FAIR-IMPACT launched our 2nd open call for Route 1 expert support (non-financial) on 2nd May 2024. Applications are invited to join the support programme targeted to Repositories & Data service Providers The deadline for applications is June 14th, 2024. For those who are considering applying to the open call for support this workshop provides an informal opportunity […]

BY-COVID Spring 2024 Baseline Use Case Workshop: Integration of individual-level socioeconomic data for infectious diseases research and prevention in Europe


We are pleased to invite you and/or your representatives to the BY-COVID project Workshop on Integration of individual-level socioeconomic data for infectious diseases research and prevention in Europe. The BY-COVID project aims to make data on COVID-19 and other infectious diseases available to scientists and the wider public. This workshop is part of the BY-COVID project's Work […]

New Repositories for New Biodiversity Research


Recent technology-driven advances in biodiversity research have created a need for more, new types of FAIR repositories. In this meetup, we discuss two of these. Firstly, the broad and expanding application of AI-based methods in image/sound/text/sequence classification has created a need for repositories for exchanging pre-trained models and their training data. Secondly, the advent of […]

Advancing Research Data Management and Open Science in Austria


The aim of this event is to present the work done in Austria on the national level and also learn about European developments and results of EOSC-related projects such as FAIR-Impact. The event will debate around metadata and semantic interoperability, as well as FAIR-enabling repositories and Austrian National Open Science Policies.

Zertifikatsprogramm “Data Steward” an der Universität Wien: Rückblick auf die ersten zwei Jahre


Die Aus- und Weiterbildung von Data Stewards wird zunehmend zu einem Schwerpunktthema im Ausbau forschungsunterstützender Services in Österreich und international. Im bevorstehenden Webinar mit dem Titel „Zertifikatsprogramm „Data Steward“ an der Universität Wien: Rückblick auf die ersten zwei Jahre“ haben Sie die Gelegenheit, tiefer in die Entstehung und Entwicklung dieses Weiterbildungsangebots einzutauchen. Erfahren Sie mehr […]

Strategies for training and knowledge exchange with a consulting perspective


BioNT - BIO Network for Training - is an international consortium of academic entities and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). BioNT is dedicated to providing a comprehensive training program and fostering a community for digital skills relevant to the biotechnology industry and biomedical sector. With a curriculum tailored for both beginners and advanced professionals, BioNT aims to equip individuals with […]

Public Launch of the Skils4EOSC Competence Centres Network


During this virtual event, you will discover the Skills4EOSC Competence Centres (S4E CCs). According to the project's vision, these CCs are hubs for Open Science and EOSC activities in their respective countries or thematic domains. The S4E CCs are collaborative entities and networks bringing together extensive expertise in Open Science and data management across various domains. They provide training and […]

Maturity Model for Pathogen Data Platforms


Maturity models are a useful tool to support data platform managers in assessing current gaps in their maturity and development lifecycle. The Pathogen Data Platform maturity model specifically targets managers of data platforms that host on pathogens, and associated, contextual sensitive, personal metadata. It was developed within ELIXIR-CONVERGE and tested in a pilot run within BY-COVID. It […]