Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The WG KPIs develops measurable indicators to make the success of EOSC visible at the national and inter­national level, with special focus on the overarching goals for Austria (“readiness indicators”). In addition, KPIs serve as a steering instrument for targeted impact-oriented further development and implementation of the EOSC. 


Coordinator: Katrin Vohland (NHMW), Beate Guba (TU Wien)

Members: Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi (TU Graz), Chris Schubert (TU Wien), Paolo Budroni (TU Wien), Barbara Sánchez Solís (TU Wien), Maria Seissl (University of Vienna)


The WG KPIs aims to identify appropriate performance indicators for measuring the success of the Austrian EOSC initiative for stakeholders at different levels, i.e. the individual scientists, the institutions, and the policy targets (e.g. internationalisation, innovation, SDGs). The model of the WG KPIs will provide key performance indicators of the EOSC Support Office itself as well as Austrian institutions contributing to the EOSC. Our model will complement the indicators defined by the EOSC Association. The WG will also develop and adapt suitable methods (e.g. percentages of FAIR data, surveys, or social network analyses).


Start: 28 May 2021

Conceptual phase until 31 March 2022

Stakeholder participation phase for nationwide EOSC monitoring from May 2022 onwards

Adapting and finalising the KPI model until March 2023

Collecting, analysing and visualising data: Collecting data and performing analyses until October 2023