Data Stewardship

Establish data stewardship programmes by aligning efforts and activities on a national and international level. Transform the way how research is carried out by direct support from highly skilled professionals with discipline specific knowledge and knowledge of standards, applications and tools for reproducible research.


Coordinator: Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi (TU Graz)

Members: Stefan Eichert (NHMW), Alexander Gruber (TU Graz), Tereza Kalová (University of Vienna), Lisa Hönegger (University of Vienna), Michael Kranewitter (JKU), Heimo Rainer (NHMW), Hermann Schranzhofer (TU Graz), Christiane Stork (TU Wien)


  • Align data stewardship efforts and activities on a national and international level, (e.g., FAIR Data Austria, RDA IG, EOSC Association TK)
  • Finalise the concept on models, roles, tasks, competences and training offers for data stewards
  • Develop guidelines for the implementation of data stewardship programmes and potential career paths at Austrian institutions
  • Investigate the differences and similarities of data stewardship in industry, museums and academia


A report on models, roles, activities, competences and training for data stewards has been published. The report is available for download under this link. It is anticipated that the processes in the WG will be evaluated after 2 years.