Make training materials widely available, adapted to the different target groups as far as possible and designed to be barrier-free, so that they can be used flexibly and in a customised way.

  • Coordination of workflows, coordination with other work packages, preparation of deadlines
  • We will build on the results that have already been developed in the FAIR Data Austria project. This should be supplemented with tools and technology, possibly with additional podcasts. The next steps would be to see what materials already exist and adapt them to different target groups, e.g. data stewards, IT, researchers.
  • The project output is documented, published and promoted in different networks
  • The training materials should be aimed at different target groups (researchers, teachers, students, data managers, data stewards) and also at people with physical disabilities. Making the existing materials more accessible (creating subtitles, alternative text, sign language videos etc.)
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with national and international institutions and projects in order to optimise the results


Coordinator: Susanne Blumesberger (University of Vienna)

Members: Tereza Kalová (University of Vienna), Karin Lach (University of Vienna), Susanne Friedl (Medical University of Vienna), Hermann Schranzhofer (TU Graz)


The WG has set itself the goal of making existing training materials more accessible and visible as Open Educational Resources, but also to develop new training where needed and to fill gaps in the range of training courses currently offered. The training materials should be in line with the FAIR principles. Viewing existing and available materials on different channels for different target groups. We are therefore committed to reviewing existing materials, adding appropriate metadata and making them more widely available. As there is already a wide range of training resources in English, the WG will focus particularly on materials in German.


The WG started with a kick-off meeting in autumn 2021 and will complete its activities till December 2022. Based on the findings and output of the WG, a follow-up WG with an adapted focus might be founded in 2023. The Materials Collection for Training in Research Data Management  of the Humboldt University of Berlin offers the possibility to upload (mainly German-language) slides, videos, or handouts – provided with detailed metadata – into a system and offer them for open access.

Together with an expert for licenses, a workshop will take place on September 13, 2022, where we will present this system and there will also be the possibility to live upload your own openly licensed training materials.