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The EOSC Austria WGs’ aim is to advance EOSC-relevant topics in Austria

How they do this – for example through interviews, workshops or surveys – is up to each WG. In this article, all of the eight WGs are briefly described, their goals are presented and links to previous publications and first results are shared. In the future, further activities and results will be presented via the newsletter in more detail. Results are also published in the Zenodo Community EOSC Austria.

EOSC Austria: Visions, needs and requirements for research data and practices

In 2015 the vision of a federated system of infrastructures supporting research by providing an open multidisciplinary environment to publish, find and re-use data, tools and services led to the launch of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Against this background, bodies such as the EOSC Association on the European level and the EOSC Support Office Austria on the national one have been established. Within this framework and since research has always been at the heart of EOSC, we are eliciting visions, needs and requirements for research data and practices from researchers who are located at public universities in Austria. Let’s see what Computer Scientist Thomas Lampoltshammer has to say!

1 Million Strong!

Open Knowledge Maps has recently reached a major milestone – over 1 million maps have been created on the platform. Open Knowledge Maps and its open infrastructure are part of the European Open Science Cloud. We follow the system-of-systems approach, whereby the services offered on our platform can easily be integrated in 3rd party systems.

Skills4EOSC project kicks off

The project will set up a pan-European network of competence centres to speed up the training of European researchers and harmonise the training of new professional figures for scientific data management.

Austria Country Profile Q2/2022

The Austria Country Profile was created within the initiative of the EOSC Support Office Austria. It is a deliverable of the Working Group (WG) “Austria Country Profile”. The WG is tasked with the regular monitoring of EOSC building processes in Austria, i.e. open science and FAIR related policies, projects, activities as well as research data (management) infrastructures.

4th General Assembly of the EOSC Association

EOSC Association General Assembly #4 marks critical point in development of EOSC
Around 110 participants, including mandated organisations, members and observers, gathered to discuss internal matters of the Association as well as ongoing and planned activities.